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The aim of Life Coaching is to identify your goals, dreams and desires and then creating stepping stones towards the achievement of that goal.


Coaching sessions are interactive and non directive which enables you to not only discover yourself but also to discover the potential for reaching your personal or work related goals, quicker than you would on your own.  Coaching starts by looking at the present – the here and now - and then working towards the future. All the answers do exist within and the process will help to uncover them.

Life coaching, counselling & NLP - what are they and how can they help me?

What is NLP?

• Gain more focus and have more direction in life

• Increase motivation, confidence and self-belief

• Support with decision making

• Resolve relationship issues; couples, family, friends, colleagues

• Remove any blocks, negative and limiting beliefs in the way of achievement and success

• Discover the unique true values and ensure goals nourish these values

• Have the space as well as time to think and discuss thoughts and ideas in a non-judgemental environment

• Reach happiness and success in personal and/or work life

• Maintain work/life balance

• Unleash potential to reach the desired lifestyle

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The benefits of life coaching include:

A typical session plan involves:

  • Initial - 20 minute free consultation

  • Regular sessions - 1 hour face to face coaching

  • Step down session - 1 hour telephone and Skype coaching

NLP stands for - Neuro Linguistic Programming, which in simple terms refers to skills, exercises and techniques that can improve the way we communicate, think, behave and react to situations.  The combination of NLP and Life Coaching can help you become more resourceful, identify barriers (often self created!) and also acquire means to remove these in order to achieve whatever you wish to.


Through skilful coaching techniques as well as using NLP techniques coaching sessions can help provide you with:


• more direction and clarity in life

• time to think about life goals, dreams and desires

• the space to notice what is important in life

• motivation through the changes you decide to work on

• the power to identify the hurdles that can hinder achievement