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Complementary (or alternative) treatments (or medicine) are treatments which don't fall under the definition of mainstream healthcare. These treatments however, are trusted, used and practiced by thousands of people worldwide and can offer meaningful and effective alternatives to more traditional and invasive medical treatments.


At The Geoffrey Lloyd Foulkes Clinic we've been providing complementary treatments for over 80 years, begining  with osteopathy in 1923. We provide you with probably the widest range of complementary treatments in East London. Contact us today to book your first appointment.

Contact us by phone 020 8478 0443 or email to discuss which treatment would be appropriate for you


Reiki is an ancient art for balancing the body’s energy by synchronising its flow through the Seven Centres (Chakras), since it is the disturbance in the energy flow that leads to all the physical and mental problems. It is a hands-on healing art. However actual physical contact is not necessary if the patient feels any inhibition.


Reiki can be used for all kind of ailments. From relief from severe headaches to dealing with deep seated mental/emotional issues such as depression and chronic obsessions. It is hugely beneficial in cases such as rheumatoid arthritis where long term use of strong pain-killers – with all their side effects – can be considerably reduced. Reiki is offered at this clinic either on its own or in conjunction with another therapy.

Complementary treatments at The Geoffrey Lloyd Foulkes Clinic